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As part of the US Bancorp group, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and taking the necessary steps to help protect the safety and well-being of our customers and employees. 

Here's a special message to our customers from U.S. Bank Chairman, President and CEO Andy Cecere.

These are challenging times for businesses across the world. We are aware of the difficult conditions that many of our SMB customers face and, in response, we have implemented the following range of initiatives and features that may help in some way.

Add Online Ordering At No Cost

To assist our customers, we are offering our standard and premium customers who would like to add it, we are waiving fees for our Online Ordering feature through September 2020. We are working to enable a version for retailers in the very near future and will provide updates as soon as we can.


Monthly Software Fees

Starting from April 2020, we are waiving our monthly software fees for existing talech customers for any month where there is no processing activity in that month. 

This will run through to the end of September 2020.


With restrictions on movement in place, being able to sell your products online may be one way to continue operations. With talech's Online Ordering, you can easily set up a customizable website where customers can place orders that you can fulfil through delivery or pick-up. It is fully integrated with your in-store talech register,  ensuring you are in complete control. 

Online Ordering

For many businesses, it may be possible to have customers on premises providing guidelines on social distancing and hygiene are followed. talech's Appointment Scheduling may help control the number of customers who need to physically visit your location. Appointment Scheduling allows customers to view available time slots and services and make bookings via a user-friendly, customizable customer-facing website. This feature gives you:

  • Automatic reminders that can be sent via text and/or email

  • Staff profiles and list services offered by employees

  • A detailed appointment calendar with in-app and email notifications

Appointment Scheduling


Communicating with your customers has always been important and with talech's Campaign feature, you can effortlessly build and send email campaigns. With pre-designed templates at your fingertips, you don't need a graphic designer to get a message out there quickly. 

It's easy to give your patrons key updates on your business; if you're open for business, your opening hours, what you are doing to operate safely, how they can place orders and buy gift cards that they may be able to redeem online or on premises at a later date.  

Our Discount campaign feature allows you to send emails that include promotional offer such as a % or $ discount for specific items, categories of products or for an entire purchase.


talech Campaigns

COVID-19: A Guide to Continuing Business Operations

In some circumstances,  it may be possible to keep your business open in a way that allows customers to purchase your products and also ensures the health and safety of your own employees. 

If you are running a business that is continuing to operate or considering ways to operate, we have put together a guide to help. It is important to remember that every situation is different and business owners should follow the advice of local governments and health organizations, but it contains some of the key information you should consider for running your business safely for your employees, your customers and your local community generally.


House Accounts

For businesses who may not be able to open their premises to the public, House Accounts can help you serve the needs of loyal customers and take payments digitally. 

Your customers can open a tab or pay for an order and you can choose whether you want customers to make a deposit or pay at the end month. Track balances and automatically send out monthly statements to customers complete with a facility to pay online.


Improve your cash flow and facilitate payments by using talech's eGift card solution. It's simple for customers to buy digital gift cards on your Online Ordering website and use them to pay for an online order in the near future or save it for a real-world visit to your premises at a later date.

Gift cards bring the potential that loyal customers may introduce their friends and family to your brand, increasing your customer base and growing your revenues. 



eGift Cards

For some businesses, selling online is a new channel to their traditional business model, but it also one that they may have been considering for some time. While many of the key principals of selling online are common to the in-store experience, there are differences that need to be thought about and adjustments made accordingly. Check out our guide to getting set up with Online Ordering.

Getting Set Up With Online Ordering